We Dare You To Enter…

"Waldorf Estate of Fear is the #1 show to see in Pennsylvania and a must see for the 2020 Haunt Season!" -The Haunt Rater

The Legend of the Waldorf Estate…

The Waldorf Hotel Entrance

Ask anyone in Palmerton about Oliver Sommersby and they’ll tell you about what happened that gruesome night in 1929. The night he stole the lives of everyone inside the Hotel Waldorf and then disappeared into thin air. But… ask the folks of Forest Inn about Oliver and you’ll get a different story, one you won’t forget.

In 1955 a seemed to be wealthy gentleman, from California, builds an establishment along Route 209 in Lehighton. A pub and restaurant with rooms to rent, calls it the Waldorf Hotel, a place for the middle class people to be merry and rest their souls, but rest, their souls never will. Over the next 10 years this “gentleman” from California tortured and killed at least 25 innocent people, women, children, whomever he could get his hands on, the ones he thought no one would miss until… he picked the wrong little girl.

Ella, sweet, beautiful. The prized possession of her father, Thomas, the town’s new butcher. Thomas just wouldn’t stop until he found out what happened to his little girl, he searched night and day for two weeks before he ended up here. Fatherly intuition told him this was the place he would find his daughter. He tore into the pub, searching every room until he came across the “gentleman” from California crouched in the corner of the attic with a grin on his face. In that moment, Thomas realized that the man before him was none other than Oliver Sommersby!! He lunged at Oliver but came to a sudden hault when he saw what was lying beside him. It was the remains of his beloved daughter, maimed and nearly unrecognizable in death. Before Thomas had any time to react, a flash of pain ripped through his chest. Oliver had stabbed him in the heart. But Thomas refused to be taken down so easily, he would avenge his child. With this thought came the strength enough for Thomas to rip the blade from his own chest and plunge it into Oliver’s. There, they both would die in mixing pools of blood on the floor.

This tale of good versus evil should have ended there, but it doesn’t. It will live on forever, as all who enter will come to witness on their own, for the souls of all killed remain here still, restless and looking for revenge! You may even come to witness the ghost of Oliver Sommersby himself! Will he come to steal your soul too? Think you’re brave enough to find out? Come inside, we’re all waiting!!!!

Meet the Staff

The Bellhop

The bellhop is one of the oldest entities that lurks within the shadows of the Waldorf. Wallace was a clean cut young man
fresh out of college when he began working at the hotel. Eventually, he grew close to the mysterious owner of the house, Oliver. Their closeness would prove fatal when Wallace stumbled upon the wicked secrets that lie in the dreaded basement. Oliver influenced the bellhop to kill. In the twilight hours on October 12, 1956, Wallace took a rubber mallet from the utility closet near the lobby, crept up to the second floor, and bludgeoned a husband and wife to death. In a frenzied bloodlust, the Bellhop pursued 3 other guests through the house, managing to kill a third in the bathroom. He was closing in on his remaining prey when Oliver emerged and plunged a blade deep into his abdomen. Shortly after, guests began to cry out about a ghastly figure harassing them in the night. The ghost of a clean cut young man dressed in a bellhops outfit. Though it has been many years, the reports still persist to this day. Many have been proven to be false, and yet some...have no conclusive answer.

The Maid

Lilith, the head of housekeeping at the Waldorf, always prided herself on the sparkling clean hotel. But what people didn’t know is all her hard work was to learn the affection of the owner, her dearest Oliver. Oliver used this to his advantage, relying on her to clean up after his messes. One October evening Lilith decided to confess her love to Oliver and she soon discovered that he
was capable of loving no one but himself! Devastated, she took her own life. It is said that Lilith still walks the halls making sure the hotel is sparkling clean trying to win the affection of her true love...Oliver.

The Chef

Shortly after Oliver opened the Waldorf he hired twin brother chefs, Edwin and Robert. Robert would help Oliver with his evil deeds and Edwin would try to save them from Oliver. One night inside the kitchen the brothers finally had enough of each other and started fighting until both lied unmoving and dead. Both brothers suffered brain damage and Robert's face was bashed beyond repair. Oliver being the twisted mind he was used Edwin's body as a vessel for both brothers' brains. They are continually fighting for control of the one body they share now even in death.

The Attractions

The harvest begins October 1st…the soul harvest. Oliver is weak and has one month to collect the souls that he needs to survive the year in Abaddon. Lucky for him, he has the damned, who still wander the halls to do his bidding for him. You see many check in but only the fortunate check out. Will you survive your stay? Find out this October…your room is ready!

The Waldorf hotel is full of high-tech lighting and tricks but most of all enthusiastic, highly energetic, live actors that will have you screaming for your mommy. So check in…we DARE you!

Check out our BLACKOUT event on Halloween Night!

Come face to face with your favorite horror movie villains in this outdoor walking trail. Our realistic sets will have you thinking you just stepped inside your favorite horror movies. Will you survive a trip to Summer Camp or wake up from your nightmare? Find out in our newest attraction which will surely have you screaming!!


Our walking trail weaves you through our infamous corn field lasting approximately 20 minutes (depends on the speed of your group). Please wear appropriate footwear since you will be walking on uneven ground, up and down stairs and through the woods.



This is your chance to enter the famed Abaddon Hotel from the Hell House LLC franchise. With only a flashlight you, and several other victims will have 30 minutes to explore the rooms where all of the horror takes place, even the BASEMENT. Will you survive inside the Abaddon or become a permanent resident like the others before you?

The apocalypse has hit and you find yourself fighting for your life in a zombie infested wasteland when a survivor offers you refuge. He locks you in for safe keeping while he goes to look for more survivors but are you truly safe? Your room holds up to 10 survivors who have 30 minutes to solve the riddles and clues that lead you to the key to get out before the undead get in. This is a medium level escape game recommended for 12 yrs or older. Reservations are suggested since availability is limited.

Try to escape our 5 minute zombie escape room. 2-4 players at a time.

Unlimited entry in our Zombie themed mirror maze.

Are you ready for the apocalypse? Test your skills at our Zombie Training Camp where you will be shooting at targets and dummy zombies. Join Sargent Fuzzy Nuts and see if you have what it takes to survive.

















Fright Tickets (Pick 1)

  • The Haunting at the Waldorf Hotel - $20
  • Terror in the Corn - $20


Scream Package (Save $10)

  • The Haunting at the Waldorf Hotel
  • Terror in the Corn
Total: $30


VIP Upgrade - $15

  • Add a VIP upgrade to any ticket and gain entrance through a shorter line.
  • Escape Rooms - $20

    • You have 30 minutes to solve how to escape the room.
    • Please note that this is a separate attraction from the other two, requiring timed tickets.





    Ticket Booth Purchases

    Prefer to purchase tickets when you get there? Our Ticket Booth is CASH ONLY and all sales are final. For your convenience, there is an ATM available on site.

    The Ticket booth will close promptly at 10:30.

    Dates and Times

    Calendar of Dates and Times

    We are open every Friday and Saturday in October from 7-11 pm.

    We have 2 special haunted events this year:
    Escape Hell House on Oct. 17
    Blackout on Oct. 31st.
    Check out the Attractions page for more info.


    Our Ticket Booth and parking lot will close at 10:30 but we run until everyone is through.

    We have FREE parking and food vendors.

    Ticket Booth purchases are CASH ONLY and all sales are final. For your convenience, an ATM is avilable on site.

    Some attractions are weather permitting. Please note that we are not handicapped accessible. We can be contacted at 610-82-HOTEL.

    Voted #1 in Pennsylvania by Haunt Rater

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: Is there an age limit?
    A: There is no age limit, parents must use their own discretion. Our rule of thumb is 10 and over!
    Q: How long does it take to go through the attraction?
    A: Each attraction takes 15-20, plus wait time. Upgrade to a VIP to save some time!
    Q: Are there physical restrictions?
    A: City of Horrors is a walking trail outside and the Hotel has staircases and crawling.
    Q: Do you have refreshments?
    A: Yes, we have food vendors.
    Q: Do you have a bathroom?
    A: Yes, we have portable facilities.
    Q: Do you accept credit or debit cards?
    A: No, our Ticket Booth is CASH ONLY. For your convenience there is an ATM available on site.
    Q: Are you open if it rains?
    A: Our attractions are weather permitting, so we will not be open if it is raining. We can be contacted at 610-82-HOTEL if you have questions.
    Q: Do I need to wear a mask?
    A: YES! A mask is required at all times while on property for your safety and ours.
    Q: Are you santizing during operational hours?
    A: Yes! Our escape rooms are sanitized in between groups. All High Touch surfaces are being santizied on a regular scheudle throughout the night.
    Q: Do I need to sign a waiver?
    A: Yes, during this time there are extra risks you are assuming when entering.
    Q: Is it scary?
    A: Come find out for yourself!!!


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